Next Generation Housing

people walking on a sidewalk in front of Unthank Hall
two people inside on-campus housing with a campus view through the windows

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing improves student performance, reduces academic costs, adds to the overall housing supply, and intentionally connects and engages students with the University of Oregon.

Over the next 20 years, the University of Oregon is planning more high-quality, learning-centered residential communities on campus that are compatible with surrounding neighborhoods, provide a gentle transition between higher and lower intensity uses, and serve our growing student community. 

To plan a variety of housing types that meet the needs of first-year students, undergraduates, graduates, and families, the UO is studying the future of student housing on campus. The outcome of this work will include a long-term plan for long-term housing and infrastructure and an update to the 2003 East Campus Plan. 

UO Campus Planning and Community Relations are reaching out to learn, listen, and connect with students, faculty, staff, neighbors, and community leaders. The UO hosted an open house on March 13, 2024 to gather thoughts about upcoming housing plans. We welcome you to read the feedback summary, review the images below, and complete the feedback survey if you were not able to attend or if you have additional input. 

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This map reflects the current campus footprint, with the East Campus Area in the lower right outlined in blue. (Click map to expand.)

This zoomed-in section of the campus map shows the current zoning of the East Campus Area. These include Institutional, Limited High-Density Residential/Limited Institutional, and Low Density Residential. These zones were established in 2003 and need updating. (Click map to expand.)

In considering where and what to build, we looked at things like pedestrian connectivity, green space, and bike routes—all important components of how students and the community get around on the UO campus. (Click map to expand.)

Diving deeper into current and future uses of the east campus area, we identified that generally, people move from the southeast diagonally into the center of campus. We are thinking about how to sustain and enhance the experience of east campus by including a dining hall and other amenities. (Click map to expand.)

The team is now exploring the opportunities to build additional housing that meets the needs of first-year students, undergraduates, graduates, and families. Phase 1 will be the construction of a residence hall with a dining center to open in fall of 2027, and phase 2 potential sites are identified nearby. The zoning overlays are being reevaluated to ensure a gentle transition into the surrounding neighborhood while meeting our need for more on-campus learning-centered residential communities. (Click map to expand.)

Two potential options for what the Phase 1 residence hall could look like are shown here, along with the adjacent open space and pedestrian connectivity to central campus. (Click map to expand.)

Project Timeline


    2023 — Fall

    • Conduct initial outreach

    2024 — Winter/Spring

    • Community Connections: students, neighbors, businesses, groups
    • Draft Next Generation Housing Plan
    • Housing Plan Open House: March 13

    2024 — Summer

    • Final Next Generation Housing Plan
    • East Campus Plan Update Concepts & City Land Use Code Concepts

    2024 — Fall

    • East Campus Plan Update & Code Concepts Open House
    • UO East Campus Plan Update Process

    2025 — Winter/Spring

    • City Land Use Process

    2025 — Summer

    • Implement Next Generation Housing Plan

    2027 — Fall

    • New Housing Project Phase 1 Complete

    2028 — Fall

    • New Housing Project Phase 2 Complete