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Federal Affairs coordinates the activities of the university on matters relating to the federal government and Congress. Staff members coordinate development and implementation of the university's federal legislative agenda; work with higher education associations to monitor federal legislation and budget activity; assess potential implications and opportunities; and serve as the liaison between the university and the US Senate and House, the Oregon congressional delegation, congressional committees, and federal agencies (working closely with the UO Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation).

Betsy Boyd is the senior associate vice president for federal affairs.

Courtney Westling is the senior director, public affairs and community engagement with The Ballmer Institute for Children's Behavioral Health.

Karen Hyatt is the director of intergovernmental relations.

Joe Erickson is the director of advocacy and policy.

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Lobbying Registration and Disclosure

The University of Oregon is registered under the federal Lobbying Disclosure Act as an organization that employs in-house lobbyists. The UO is required by law to file: (a) quarterly "lobbying activities" reports, and (b) semi-annual "reports of certain contributions." The links below provide detailed information about those reports. Communication on behalf of the University of Oregon with federal officials should be coordinated with Government and Community Relations.

Due to federal lobbying disclosure rules, all University of Oregon employees who engage in lobbying activity using University resources or on behalf of the University and its federal advocacy priorities must report and disclose these contacts to the University so that they can be included in our quarterly lobbying disclosure reports. If you have engaged in lobbying activities this quarter, please follw the link below and complete the online form. Questions? Contact Betsy Boyd at eaboyd@uoregon.edu or Karen Hyatt at khyatt@uoregon.edu.