UO Event/Sponsorship Selection Process

The process to approve an event or sponsorship can be simple, as long as the opportunity aligns with the UO’s mission of creation and transfer of knowledge.  

Sponsorship requests are reviewed by members of a multi-departmental sponsorship committee, including representatives of Government & Community Relations; Communication, Marketing & Brand Management; and Development, in consultation with senior administration.

Those reviewing your application will be looking for collaborative partnerships, community benefits, outreach opportunities, academic as well as research engagement and organizational positioning, in addition to opportunities to increase external, philanthropic support. As a publicly supported academic institution, the University of Oregon does not support political action committees, ballot initiatives, or political campaigns. 

Getting Started

Any request for sponsorship and/or funding from the University of Oregon must be completed at least three months prior to the event. If your opportunity aligns with the UO, please complete the online Sponsorship Request Form. Please note that we are reworking our sponsorship program to more closely align with institutional priorities, and thus may need more time to review your request. 

Sponsorship Committee, University of Oregon
1292 University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403
Phone: 541.346.5020
Fax: 541.346.6251