Engaging with elected officials

Federal and state laws place restrictions on providing public officials with items of value, including food, event tickets, gifts, and mementos. Those restrictions apply to elected and volunteer officials and also to public employees.

Government and Community Relations works closely with local, state, and federal elected officials. If you are interested in engaging with a federal official or inviting an official to an event, please call us first. We can help! Call us at (541) 346-5381 or e-mail

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission provides more information on state law governing gifts to and engagement with state and local officials.

Federal Lobbying Disclosure

The Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, amended by Congress in 2007, is a federal law requiring disclosure of lobbying efforts, including those of the University of Oregon, directed at Congress and the federal executive branch. The act does not prohibit such efforts. The UO must report quarterly the issues lobbied upon, and its lobbying expenses. Any questions should be directed to Associate Vice President for Federal Affairs Betsy Boyd. Please email or phone (541) 346-0946.

More information on Federal lobbying disclosure

State Lobbying Disclosure

Oregon law requires individuals to register if they spend more than $100 or 24 hours during a calendar quarter on lobbying activities. Lobbyists are required to file a registration statement for each person, business, or organization they represent. Government and Community Relations coordinates reporting and registration for the university.

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission provides more information on state law governing lobbyist registration and restrictions.

More information on state and local rules

Restrictions on campaigning by public employees

The state also places certain restrictions on campaigning by public employees. The quick card provides a summary of rules governing employee activity. The UO General Counsel's Office provides more details about using UO resources for political activities.

UO Advocates

To help accomplish its legislative objectives, the University of Oregon draws upon an extensive network of grassroots advocates—alumni, students and their families, faculty members, and friends of the university. Efforts include programs implemented in partnership with the UO Alumni Association and the UO Foundation Board of Trustees. Government and Community Relations trains and educates advocates on legislative issues and effective advocacy techniques.

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