Portland Rose Festival’s 2015 Grand Floral Parade

Sponsorship requests for fiscal year 2024 (July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024) are closed. If you would like to request a meeting with sponsorships staff to discuss a future event, please email sponsorships@uoregon.edu. We will re-open the form in April, 2024 for events taking place after July 1, 2024.

Creating Community Partnerships

Events that can have a positive impact on the UO and its communities may be eligible for sponsorship/partnership with the university. To ensure opportunities strongly align with the University of Oregon’s mission of creation and transfer of knowledge, the UO has established a set of guidelines and a Sponsorship Request Form. Please note that any new request for sponsorship and/or funding from the University of Oregon must be completed at least three months prior to the event so that we can adequately evaluate the opportunity.

Before starting your request, please ensure the sponsorship or event meets one or more of the following:

  • Aligns with the UO Mission Statement
  • Encourages collaboration, partnerships, community development, government relations, equity and inclusion, and outreach
  • Meets organizational positioning and current focus areas
  • May increase awareness, name recognition, and student enrollment
  • Increases external support, stewards current donors, cultivates new sources of future philanthropic support, and supports funders’ initiatives

Where to Start


2015 Portland Rose Festival’s 2015 Grand Floral Parade
  1. Review the Criteria for Consideration and Selection Process
  2. Fill out and finalize a Sponsorship Request Form (closed until April, 2024)
  3. Return the completed form at least three months before the event or sponsorship

Answers to Your Questions


Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

A full set of frequently asked questions is available. Please contact the University of Oregon Sponsorship staff at sponsorships@uoregon.edu or 541-346-5020 with specific questions.