Federal Lobbying Disclosure

The Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, amended by Congress in 2007, is a federal law requiring disclosure of lobbying efforts, including those of the University of Oregon, directed at Congress and the federal executive branch. The act does not prohibit such efforts. The UO must report quarterly the issues lobbied upon, and its lobbying expenses. It also requires reporting of gifts or other expenses involving congressional officials. Therefore, the university and all UO employees are subject to rules regarding disclosure of lobbying activities and expenses for activity related to communications with members of Congress and congressional staff.

Understanding and compliance with the lobbying disclosure, gift, and travel rules is essential; knowing violation of these rules can lead to federal penalties. Any questions should be directed to Associate Vice President for Federal Affairs Betsy Boyd. Please e-mail eaboyd@uoregon.edu or phone 541-346-0946.