UO researcher participates in US Senator Merkley event on immigration reform

On June 27, UO researcher Cassandra Moseley participated in a media event hosted by US Senator Jeff Merkley to draw attention to an amendment to the recently passed immigration bill. Merkley’s amendment, which was adopted, is intended to protect jobs in forested areas from diversion to contractors using workers with H2B visas.  It was informed in part by a study Moseley and her collaborators undertook about the impact of American Recover and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds, known as “stimulus” funding, for forest restoration and rural community benefits. Senator Merkley invited Dr. Moseley to talk about her research at a June 28event in Springfield.

Moseley directs the Institute for a Sustainable Environment and the Ecosystem Workforce Program.  She is also the chair-designate of the USDA Forestry Research Advisory Council.  Moseley's work often focuses on the Pacific Northwest, particularly rural communities, which makes her research of special interest to state and federal policymakers.