UO provides resources to encourage good relationships between campus community and neighbors

For returning students, many of whom reside off-campus, the Office of the Dean of Students works closely with UO Government and Community Relations, UO Department of Public Safety, the City of Eugene to address livability issues. 

The university developed the Your Neighbors and U brochure to provide a variety of tips on building positive relationships with neighbors, partying responsibly, knowing laws, rights and responsibilities, and protecting oneself and belongings. Hard copies of the brochure are available from the UO Office of Government and Community Relations and are being distributed to students, neighbors, and property owners and managers. 

The university also created a video that encourages positive relationships between UO students and their neighbors. It features students, a neighborhood family, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Paul Shang and Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy. Special thanks to the Office of the Dean of Students producing this video and for the UO’s Ken and Mimi Kato for starring in the video (please watch to find out who we’re talking about!).

Please contact the Office of Government and Community Relations if you have any questions about these resources or the UO’s efforts to promote good relations with its neighbors.