UO Executive Director of Enterprise Risk Services visits White House

Andre Le Duc, Executive Director of Enterprise Risk Services at the University of Oregon, attended the White House event on Creating Model Emergency Management Plans on February 27 to discuss past lessons and develop future plans to reduce gun violence. This event was part of President Obama’s recently announced plan which seeks to reduce gun violence and create model emergency management plans for schools and institutions of higher learning.

Le Duc was selected specifically because of his experience working successfully as a national leader in the development of emergency management plans. He is the founding director of the UO Emergency Management & Continuity Program as well as the Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience. He also established and currently manages the national Disaster Resilience Universities Listserv, which has over 900 members covering an estimated 750 higher education institutions. Le Duc is the current chair of the International Association of Emergency Managers-University and College Caucus and serves on a number of regional and national boards focused on emergency management, preparedness and disaster resilience.

Le Duc was among other national experts including educators, law enforcement, emergency management professionals, faith leaders, mental health experts, and victims of gun violence to participate in an interactive afternoon of panels and discussion.