Policy Primer: Oregon State Board of Higher Education

What is the OSBHE?

The Oregon State Board of Higher Education, the statutory governing board of the Oregon University System and its seven universities is composed of fifteen members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Oregon State Senate. Eleven public members are appointed for four-year terms and two faculty and two student members are appointed for two-year terms. The Board elects a president and vice-president.

Who serves on the OSBHE?

A list of current OSBHE members can be found here

How does the OSBHE conduct business?

The Oregon State Board of Higher Education currently has three standing
committees that meet regularly. The three standing committees of the
Board include: Academic Strategies Committee, Finance and Administration
Committee, and the Governance and Policy Committee.

When do the OSBHE and the OSBHE committees meet?

A schedule for all committees can be found here.