Oregon House committee holds informational hearing on athletics

May 31 marked the final day for policy bills in the Oregon Legislature to receive second chamber work sessions. Bills that have passed through either the House or Senate previously had to receive a work session in the opposite chamber to remain “alive”. Bills in the House and Senate Rules committees and the Joint Ways and Means Committee can still move forward. With the passing of this deadline, the Legislature is expected to start to close down policy committees in order to focus on adjourning by its self-imposed June 28 deadline and completing work on the budget.

On May 31, the committee held an informational hearing on athletics at Oregon’s public and private institutions of higher education. The committee received testimony from the Oregon University System, public institutions, and private institutions.

UO Vice President for Enrollment Management Roger Thompson was asked by the committee to speak on the impact of athletics on enrollment. Thompson recounted the increases in enrollment that have occurred over the last several years that have coincided with the national exposure created by the success of the University of Oregon’s football program.

A recording of the hearing is available on the committee’s website.