NDD coalition urges Congress to end sequestration

On February 18, under the banner of NDD United, an alliance of more than 2,100 organizations, including the University of Oregon, sent a letter to all members of Congress urging them to replace sequestration with a balanced approach to deficit reduction and to ensure that any sequester relief for discretionary spending be applied  to both defense and nondefense activities.

The letter details the harmful effects of cuts in the nondefense discretionary (NDD) portion of the federal budget under sequestration, discusses how those areas would be affected if sequestration remains in effect in FY16, and describes why funding for NDD programs should be strengthened, not cut.

The letter adds:“Deficit reduction measures enacted since 2010 have come overwhelmingly from spending cuts, with the ratio of spending cuts to revenue increases far beyond those recommended by bipartisan groups of experts. And there is bipartisan agreement that sequestration is bad policy and ultimately hurts our nation. Congress and the President must work together to end sequestration. Such sequestration relief must be equally balanced between nondefense and defense programs, as strong investments in both NDD and defense are necessary to keep our country competitive, safe, and secure.”

The federal funding that the University of Oregon receives for research and student aid comes falls largely in the non-discretionary, nondefense category.