An election year reminder from the Office of the General Counsel

In light of the upcoming November elections, the University of Oregon Office of the General Counsel has prepared this information regarding election activity in the workplace.

Oregon law prohibits the use of public funds, equipment, and supplies to advocate for or against a ballot measure or candidate and restricts what public employees (which include University of Oregon employees) may do in support of or opposition to a ballot measure or candidate.

Public employees on their work time may NOT:

• collect funds, distribute campaign materials, or prepare correspondence on behalf of a political committee, ballot measure, or candidate;

• produce, copy, or distribute documents that advocate for or against a ballot measure or a candidate;

• post website information, transmit emails, or make a presentation that advocates for or against a ballot measure or candidate;

• make outgoing calls to schedule or organize campaign events or other political activity;

• encourage others to volunteer for a political committee or efforts related to a candidate or ballot measure;

• place political posters in a public work space or facing out on doors or windows;

• distribute political flyers.

Public employees MAY:

• use personal time, lunch hours, breaks, and days off for political activity;

• express personal political views;

• wear campaign buttons at work;

• provide balanced, objective information on ballot measures;

• impartially advise other public employees about possible effects of a ballot measure;

• use personal time and personal equipment to write letters in their personal capacity expressing an opinion on a ballot measure or candidate.