Earthquake early warning makes appropriations process

Both the US House and Senate Appropriations committees took action in support of an earthquake early warning system supported by the University of Oregon. 

In mid-July, the US House Appropriations Committee included $4.8 million in funds in the Interior, Environment, and Related Agency Appropriations bill for earthquake early warning, which is a key priority of the University of Oregon. The amount authorized in the House bill is $4 million above the president’s request. The House Appropriations Committee also included report language encouraging the U.S. Geological Survey to begin planning for sensors to be located on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which runs from northern California through British Columbia. Last week, the US Senate Appropriations Committee took action on the Senate Interior Appropriations bill by including $5 million for earthquake early warning. The Senate did not include language on the Cascadia subduction zone.

The UO and the University of Washington have provided seismic monitoring through the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network for more than 20 years. As part of the network, UO faculty and others monitor and maintain sensors in Oregon. Funding for earthquake early warning would add more sensors to the network.