New Oregon congressional and legislative district boundaries survive court challenges

Lawsuits challenging proposed boundaries for Oregon congressional and legislative districts have been dismissed.

On Nov. 22 the Oregon Supreme Court dismissed two separate lawsuits claiming that state legislative districts passed in September were improperly drawn, ruling that challengers had not proven that the new boundaries were crafted with illegal partisan intent.

On Nov. 23, a special judicial panel tasked with hearing challenges to Oregon’s congressional redistricting plan unanimously dismissed a petition to overturn the new six-district map. The judges wrote that petitioners failed to show that Democratic lawmakers drew the congressional map in an unreasonable way without considering the criteria, and they dismissed claims that the map violated the state constitution.The new legislative maps take effect January 1, 2022. Adopted congressional and legislative maps can be found in pdf and interactive versions here. Candidates who wish to run for federal and state office in Oregon’s districts have until March 8, 2022 to file.

The congressional boundaries include a new 6th district, and significant shifts to other existing districts, and legislative districts have significant changes as well; for more details see the Oct. 4 GCR Blog post.