Move-in and football mark the start of the academic year

move in street

The upcoming return of students to the University of Oregon campus is marked by two major events that community members will notice: move-in to the residence halls revolving around Thursday, September 20, and the following home football game against Stanford on Saturday, September 22.

On September 20, about 3,000 students, most from far out of town, arrive to move their belongings into campus residence halls. Before that, about 1,500 students will do the same between September 17-19. Many more students may be moving into off-campus housing in the area at the same time. The backup of vehicles unloading is typically felt up and down Franklin Boulevard, as well as on other streets that run through campus. Roadside signs alert drivers about possible traffic in the days leading up to move-in, and the UO encourages employees to walk, bike, bus, or carpool at that time, to help ease congestion.

Welcoming students to campus is one of the UO's most vibrant traditions, and volunteers can help get students and families quickly unloaded through the popular "Unpack the Quack" program; helpers are still needed!

Move-in is just the start of the university's Week of Welcome, which also includes Convocation at Matthew Knight Arena on September 21 at 11:00 a.m.

While the kickoff time for the September 22 football game had not been set as of August 21, the community should expect a sold-out stadium's worth of drivers and pedestrians getting to and from Autzen Stadium.

--Kelly McIver, UO Communications