Continuing resolution passed by US House, Senate action pending

On February 8, the US House of Representatives voted 272-162 to pass a continuing resolution H.R. 6617 to extend government funding through March 11. The Senate has not yet acted on the measure although there is an agreement in principle among leaders about a framework for finalizing the FY22 budget. The current continuing resolution expires February 18. The Senate is expected to act next week.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that the Senate will take up the stopgap measure “quickly” and “in time before the Feb. 18 deadline.” Roll Call reports that both Democrats and Republicans are predicting that this continuing resolution will be the last this fiscal year. Senate Appropriations Committee Vice Chair Richard Shelby (R-AL) announced that negotiators have reached a “breakthrough” agreement on the framework for an omnibus bill.

Continuing resolutions negatively impact federal activities such as research by slowing funding processes and timelines. The Association of American Universities (AAU) has noted the importance of enacting FY22 Appropriations levels and identified the impact of delays, including slowing the pace of scientific innovation and creating funding uncertainly for researchers and students.