Continuing resolution to avert partial government shutdown passed by Congress

On September 30, the US House of Representatives, on a vote of 230 to 201, passed a continuing resolution to extend government funding through December 16, while also approving $12.4 billion in military and diplomatic sending to help Ukraine its war against Russia. The CR also contains $4.5 billion for domestic disaster recovery efforts, including Western wildfires, floods in Kentucky and hurricanes in the Southeast.

The Senate previously passed the bill on Thursday, 72 to 25. It now goes to President Biden’s desk for his signature.

Continuing resolutions negatively impact federal activities such as research by slowing funding processes and timelines. Peter DeYoe, president of The Science Coalition, of which the University of Oregon is a member, said, “Earlier this year, Congress made an express commitment to support the U.S. research enterprise by passing the bipartisan, bicameral CHIPS and Science Act. Although this continuing resolution pushes back the threat of a government shutdown, it fails to deliver on that promise and, once again, inhibits the progress of American science. Stop-gap funding measures run counter to the robust, consistent, and predictable annual investment our federal research agencies and their university partners depend on. Without a final appropriations resolution, new projects cannot commence and others are left in limbo. We urge lawmakers to pass a full appropriations package for FY 2023 without delay.”