Members of the UO community and campus neighbors invited to participate in the community welcome

Members of the UO community and campus neighbors are invited to help go door to door in near campus neighborhoods to welcome UO students living off campus back for the year, share tips on keeping themselves and their belongings safe, and encourage them to be good neighbors.

The 2015 UO Community Welcome walk will take place the afternoon of Tuesday, September 29. During the event 100 UO, student, city, and neighborhood leaders, led by Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy, UO President Mike Schill, ASUO student body President Helena Schlegel, will walk campus neighborhoods to welcome students back to the UO and the larger community. Leaders will encourage students to be good neighbors, provide information about crime prevention and rental rights and responsibilities, and share laws and expectations about parties and gatherings.
Volunteers will distribute written information to 2,000 residences and engage in quality conversations with students and non-student campus neighbors.  They will be assigned to a group of two-three people comprised of a mixture of university, student, and community representatives and cover an assigned area of a neighborhood.

This event is coordinated by UO Government and Community Relations in with assistant from the UO Division of Student Life and the City of Eugene partners.

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