Congresswoman Salinas introduces bipartisan bill to accelerate quantum instrumentation, resources

On October 13, Congresswoman Andrea Salinas (OR-06) and Congressman Jim Baird (IN-04) introduced the Quantum Instrumentation for Science and Engineering Act (HB 5950), bipartisan legislation that will accelerate quantum research and development in the United States.

The Quantum Instrumentation for Science and Engineering (QISE) Act would direct the National Science Foundation (NSF) to award grants to upgrade research facilities and improve access to research resources, such as equipment and instrumentation, to support research and development in quantum information science, technology, and engineering. The bill would also improve coordination to enable better access to these resources among researchers, students, and companies. Finally, it would help the scientific community access the equipment, instrumentation, materials and devices, and other critical services needed to enable cutting-edge research on quantum information science, train the next generation of quantum scientists and workers, and translate research into commercial products and services.

“Quantum science has the potential to vastly improve computing speeds and performance, sensing capabilities, and secure communications. Yet much more research is needed before we can fully realize the benefits of these technologies,” said Rep. Salinas. “This bipartisan bill invests in upgrades to research facilities and expands access to resources. It also builds the quantum workforce by encouraging universities to collaborate with community and technical colleges to provide meaningful hand-on learning experiences for their students. Ultimately, our legislation will help secure America’s position at the cutting-edge of quantum research and development for decades to come.”

The legislation is endorsed by the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Purdue University, and Indiana University.

“The University of Oregon applauds the introduction of the Quantum Instrumentation for Science and Engineering Act,” said Anshuman “AR” Razdan, Vice President of Research and Innovation. “The partnership between the federal government and research universities is the foundation for much of our nation’s prosperity from innovation. UO’s Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular, and Quantum Science and Lokey Labs provide education, research, and commercialization opportunities to students, faculty, and stakeholders.”

The full media release from Congresswoman Salina’s office can be found here.