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Economic Impact of the University of Oregon FY2011-12 Update
by Timothy A. Duy. Ph.D. and Director, Oregon Economic forum, December 2013

A big footprint

Higher education continues to be a key driver of the Oregon economy. The economic impact studies of Oregon’s major research universities reveal nearly $10 billion in economic activity associated with these institutions.

Below are some highlights from the UO’s economic impact for fiscal year

  • The UO creates nearly a billion dollars of new economic activity in the state of Oregon, as well as more than 10,000 new jobs, by attracting outside dollars.
  • The UO’s economic reach extends to more than 22,000 jobs in Oregon, supporting $686 million in household earnings.
  • The UO’s primary impact on the economy stems from its own direct spending of nearly $700 million during the 2012–13 fiscal year.
  • That spending alone supports $1.5 billion of activity and more than 17,000 jobs.
  • Student spending is conservatively estimated to be $273 million, supporting a wide range of firms in Oregon, from housing to entertainment to retail sales. Nonresident students account for nearly half of this spending, an important source of new economic activity in Oregon.

Sources: "The Economic Impact of the University of Oregon: A Comprehensive Revision," by Tim Duy; UO Office of Institutional Research; UO Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

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