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Economic Impact of the University of Oregon FY2011-12 Update
by Timothy A. Duy. Ph.D. and Director, Oregon Economic forum (PDF 101k)


A great return

The UO leveraged $44.8 million in FY2011–12 state appropriation by

• Bringing in $110.6 million in competitively awarded sponsored grants and contracts

• Generating employee income tax payments of $44.0 million. Therefore, the net cost to the state for supporting the UO is $800,000

Altogether, the UO is pumping $55 into the economy for every $1 appropriated by the state.

A big footprint

The University of Oregon is a key driver of the Oregon economy. Direct spending by the UO, students, and visitors accounted for over $1.2 billion in FY2011–12.

The total impact of this spending was nearly $2.6 billion.

• In FY2011-12, 24,447 UO students contributed $273 million directly in the local economy, which resulted in a total impact of $470 million. As a result of student spending, household earnings increased to $122 million while supporting a total of 4,457 jobs.

• Total UO construction spending contributed $119 million to the state economy, $81 million in household earnings, and 1,927 jobs.

Sources: "The Economic Impact of the University of Oregon FY2011-12" by Tim Duy, UO Office of Institutional Research, UO Office of the Vice President for Research, Innovation and Graduate Education

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